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A yellow diamond street sign that says "Bully Free Zone"
Ccyber-Bullying Hotline

Ccyber-Bullying Hotline

Stand up to bullying!
(916) 919-8807

Call or text the Cyberbullying Hotline now. Always anonymous.

We guarantee your call or text is completely anonymous. If you call, you’ll be asked to leave a voice message that a school official can listen to. If you send a text message, a school official can reply to you. They are NEVER able to see your phone number or identity.

Stand up to bullying!

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Elkhorn & Bullying

Elkhorn & Bullying

sign saying No Bully ZoneElkhorn Village is a bully-free zone! No form of bullying is tolerated. All suspected bullying is taken seriously and handled appropriately under CA Education Code and State Law AB-9.
We believe every student has the right to come to school and learn in a safe environment.
What is Bullying?

What is Bullying?

Bullying is described by law [California Education Code Section 48900 (r)]
Any type of aggression:
  • Verbal
  • Physical
  • Psychological
Behavior intended to do harm or distrub
Behavior carried out over time and repeated
Imbalance of power
  • Physical
  • Pyschological


Speak up!
  • Tell someone (friend, family, adult at school)
  • Tell an adult at school (principal, yard duty, teacher)
Under Assembly Bill 9, Seth's Law
  • All credible incidents are reported
  • The report is submitted to administration within 24 hours
  • Within three school days, the incident is investigated
  • If not evidence of bullying is found, students are reminded of anti-bullying information
  • If bullying has occured, a plan for the victim and perpetrator is developed seperately. The incident is documented.
What is Cyberbullying?

What is Cyberbullying?

Bullying through modern communication technologies.
  • E-Mail
  • Instant Messaging
  • Chat Rooms
  • Websites
  • Social Networking Sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Cell Phones and other forms of technology
To intentionally embarrass, humiliate, threaten, or intimidate an individual or group using electronic commincation.
To attemp to gain power or control using electronic communication.
Bullying through an electronic act. "Electronic act" means transmission of a communication using an electronic device in the form of a
  • Message
  • Text
  • Sound
  • Image
  • Post on a social network Internet Web site