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December 13, 2013 -- Elkhorn Village is an AVID certified school for the 2012-2013 and 2013-2014 school years! This means our school has met 11 program essentials to ensure AVID is effective and students succeed. AVID certification has come with a lot of teamwork, hardwork, and sacrifice since Day 1 of our program back in August of 2008.

Elkhorn currently stands as the only AVID certified K-8 school in West Sacramento!


June 2013 -- Our AVID 8 Class of 2017 visited the University of Oregon in Eugene and Southern Oregon University in Ashland. While in Ashland, students participated in several acting classes and saw two plays at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. This trip was been three years in the making. We would like to thank everyone who sponsored a student or donated money to make this trip a reality! Thank you for your support!

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Advancement Via Individual Determination!

Advancement Via Individual Determination!

We are PROUD to have AVID at Elkhorn! This is the 15th year of our program. AVID has made great strides at Elkhorn not only in each of the three grade level elective classes, but across the entire 6th-8th grade and into K-5. We are also PROUD to be the only AVID-certified school in our school district.

Our AVID teachers this year are Ms. Chanderl (AVID 8), Mr. Baggs (AVID 7), and Ms. Coelho (AVID 6).
  • Holidays in United States
AVID 8, Class of 2019 at Stanford

AVID 8, Class of 2019 at Stanford

May 16, 2015 -- Ms. Romero's 8th Grade AVID class visited Stanford for their 8th Grade AVID Field Trip.
AVID 8, Class of 2019 to UC Berkeley

AVID 8, Class of 2019 to UC Berkeley

November 11, 2014 -- Ms. Romero and her AVID 8 class visited UC Berkeley.
AVID 8, Class of 2018 in S. California

AVID 8, Class of 2018 in S. California

students group picture
June 9-12, 2014 -- This year's AVID 8 class visited Southern California for their final field trip. During the four-day, three-night adventure, students took in a group tour of the University of Southern California, visited the CA Science Center and saw the Space Shuttle Endeavour exhibit (see Endeavour fly over Elkhorn), took in some time on Olvera Street, visited the Museum of Tolerance, and had some fun at the Santa Monica Pier. Our modes of transportation ranged from Amtrak, to LA light rail, to LA buses, back to Amtrak. Thank you to everyone that made this memorable and once-in-a-lifetime experience a reality for our students!
AVID 8, Class of 2018 to UC Berkeley

AVID 8, Class of 2018 to UC Berkeley

November 13, 2013 -- Mr. Marín and his AVID 8 classes visited UC Berkeley. The field trip out to Berkeley on Amtrak has become an annual tradition for the 8th grade AVID class.
AVID 8, Class of 2017 in Oregon

AVID 8, Class of 2017 in Oregon

June 12-14, 2013 -- Our AVID 8 class met their goal and realized their dream! They set off to the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon and the University of Oregon in Eugene. The class stayed in dorm rooms at Southern Oregon University in Ashland which left the Shakespeare Festival within walking distance. Students saw two plays, The Heart of Robin Hood and a modern version of King Lear. While at Southern Oregon University, students also participated in several acting and theater classes. Once in Eugene, our students received a great tour of the beautiful University of Oregon campus! It was a trip and experience our students will never forget - thank you to everyone that made this trip a reality!
Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference

Cesar Chavez Youth Leadership Conference

April 13, 2013 -- Students received a mini tour of the campus, watched "Nightmare on Puberty Street", heard Cruz Reynoso speak, attended workshops, listened to Dolores Huerta speak, watched Aztec dancers, talked to college counselors, spoke with professionals in fields of medicine, TV, radio, law enforcement, etc... and before we left UC Davis for the day, we attended a Native American Powwow. The day was a success!
AVID 7, Class of 2018 to CSU Maritime

AVID 7, Class of 2018 to CSU Maritime

students group picture
December 4, 2012 -- A 7th grade AVID tradition is to visit CSU, Maritime (Cal Maritime) in Vallejo. On December 4, Mr. Marín's AVID 7 class toured the campus. Our students recieved a tour from a Cal Maritime student who encouraged our students to take as many AP classes in high school as possible. She showed our students around the campus including the Training Ship: Golden Bear, the machine/engine shop, and the gymnasium. She was a great tour guide and role model for our students - our students had a great trip!
AVID 8, Class of 2017 at UC Berkeley

AVID 8, Class of 2017 at UC Berkeley

November 9, 2012 -- It is tradition for our 8th grade AVID class to visit UC Berkeley.
On Friday, November 9 Mr. Baggs' AVID 8 class toured the campus and was treated to a gorgeous day in the bay. Our students received campus tours from UC Berkeley students in which they were encouraged to continue in AVID and with their studies. The tour included campus buildings and history, Memorial Stadium, and one of the dormitories. After lunch the group enjoyed a soccer match between Stanford and Berkeley. It was a great field trip for our students!
Elkhorn AVID T-Shirts and Sweaters

Elkhorn AVID T-Shirts and Sweaters

Elkhorn AVID T-Shirts and Hooded Sweaters
avid t-shirt
avid sweater
AVID 8, 2014-2015 Class Shirts and Sweaters
Designed by Class of 2019
elkhorn village avid ninjas
AVID 8, 2013-2014 Class Shirts and Sweaters
Designed by Rudy, Class of 2018
avid T-shirt
avid sweater
AVID 8, 2012-2013 Class Shirts and Sweaters
Designed by Itzel, Class of 2017 
avid shirt
avid sweater
AVID 8, 2011-2012 Class Shirts and Sweaters
Designed by Cynthia and Yakima, Class of 2016
avid T-shirt
avid sweater


Mr. Russell, AVID 6

Mr. Baggs, AVID 7

Mrs. Vellanoweth, AVID 8

Ms. Romero, AVID Site Team

Mr. Marín, AVID Site Team

Mrs. Erickson, AVID Coodinator
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What is AVID?
  • Advancement Via Individual Determination
  • A class designed to prepare students for college
What do you do in AVID?
  • Organization
  • Goal-setting
  • Binder Checks
  • Self-Reflection
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Team Building
  • College Tours
  • Community Service
What should I expect from AVID?
  • High expectations
  • Team work
  • Grade checks
Who can join?
  • Want to attend college?
  • Are you motivated to succeed?
  • Don't have all A's?
How do I join?
  • Talk to an AVID teacher
  • Complete an application form
  • Complete an essay
  • Complete an interview
What are students saying?

Where can I get more information?
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