Elkhorn Village School


Building Effective Schools Together

The B.E.S.T. program (Building Effective Schools Together), is a program based on positive behavioral Intervenion supports that helps schools develop and implement positive school rules, rule teaching, and positive reinforcement systems schoolwide.

Our school developed and adopted school wide rules that were specifically taught to students. In addition, each quarter, students are chosen and recognized for outstanding or improved behavior. Along with the school wide implementation, a consistent system of documentation is used and discipline data is gathered on the computer using a program (SWIS, school wide information system) designed for ease of use. It provides outstanding reports that help to isolate particular issues and illustrate areas where we might need to focus our attention. 

B.E.S.T. Rewards

Terriffic Tiger Days!

Students who have shown positive behavior will be rewarded with a special lunch every first Friday of the month.



  • 0 citations or behavior violations
  • No more than 2 excused absences in a month
  • 0 uniform violations  

Tiger Store

Students who demonstrate being safe, respectful, or responsible anywhere on campus are awarded Tiger Tokens. These tokens can be used to buy cool prizes at the Tiger Store.