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2014-15 Boys Soccer Championship

May 2015 -- Congratulations to our boys soccer team and coaches on winning the boys soccer championship!

Elkhorn won a very competitive game, 4-2, against Westmore Oaks to clinch the district championship.

Congratulations, Tigers!

2012 Elkhorn Soccer Championship Teams



Championship seasons for both of our soccer teams! Game details and pictures below!

2012-13 Soccer Season Updates!

Boys Soccer


Record: 7-0

The Elkhorn boys pulled out a tremendous victory against our rival Riverbank to win the championship 3-2. After a scoreless first half, we scored 2 goals and seemed to be pulling away, when all of a sudden they scored 2 goals to tie, only to see us quickly score and take the lead again. All that happened in about 15 minutes, leaving the last 7 or 8 to be sweated out by all the fans!

Elkhorn boys have now won the championship back-to-back years. In addition, we are the first school to win the boys and girls championships, and we are also then the first school to have both the boys and girls teams win the same year. Tremendous effort has been put in by our students to represent our school, something we can all be proud of. Thank you all the staff that came out to support the team and, of course, throughout the season! 



Record: 6-0

Boys won 9-2! Championship game is next!


October 25, Game 5 – RB v. ELK

Record: 5-0

Boys won 1-0 in a tough game that saw some very scrapy play! We kept our cool and are the #1 seed going into the playoffs.  


October 18, Game 4 – ELK v. BWI

Record: 4-0

Elkhorn boys soccer team won 5-2 in a very competitive game. They were good, but we were better! 


October 11, Game 3 – WMO v. ELK

Record: 3-0

Our boys continued their excellent play beating Westmore Oaks 5-0 on a cold, windy night!  


October 4, Game 2 – ELK v. SP

Record: 2-0

For all you Elkhorn soccer fans out there, our boys team beat Southport 8-1! 


September 27, Game 1 – SG v. ELK

Record: 1-0

Elkhorn boys, again, with our small team of 11, fell behind 3-2 in the second half before once again coming from behind and winning 4-3. The boys who played this week have showed tremendous character and teamwork, something that our whole school can be proud of!


Girls Soccer


Record: 5-1-1

Perfect weather for our girls to win their first championship!

After trailing 1-0 at halftime, we scored 2 goals in 15 minutes against a team that had only given up 2 goals all year, then we held on to win 2-1.

At halftime when we were preaching calm and patience to the girls, THEY brought up the fact that so many people who cared about them were at the game to support them and they were not going to let YOU down. I think they made us pretty proud! 



Record: 4-1-1

We played Riverbank in the semifinal. We just beat them last Thursday, and they made a great plan to try to beat us. After watching them dominate the beginning of the game, we scored a goal on a great free kick by Itzel over the head of their very small goalie. We then relaxed and went on to win 3-0 and return to the championship game for the second year in a row! 


October 25, Game 5 – ELK v. RB

Record: 3-1-1

Girls won 2-1. They played a great team game and won. The girls are the #2 seed in the playoffs. 


October 18, Game 4 – BWI v. ELK

Record: 2-1-1

Our girls team won 1-0, and while the score was low, we were so dominanting that our goalie didn't touch the ball ONCE the entire game! Even our most dominant boys teams the last few years haven't been able to pull that off.


October 11, Game 3 – ELK v. WMO

Record: 1-1-1

Our girls fell behind 2-0 against Westmore Oaks before fighting back to gain a 2-2 tie!


October 4, Game 2 – SP v. ELK

Record: 1-1

Our girls lost 3-0. Take away a goal that went right through our goalie's legs and a ball that made everyone stop playing because it was out of bounds, then we lost 1-0 in a very good game!


September 27, Game 1 – ELK v. SG

Record: 1-0

Elkhorn girls won 7-1 in a very surprising and dominating fashion!

Fall 2012 Boys Soccer Champions!

DSC_0596.JPG DSC_0604.JPG DSC_0608.JPG DSC_0611.JPG DSC_0625.JPG DSC_0627.JPG DSC_0630.JPG DSC_0634.JPG DSC_0647.JPG DSC_0653.JPG DSC_0654.JPG DSC_0658.JPG DSC_0669.JPG DSC_0666.JPG DSC_0673.JPG DSC_0675.JPG

Fall 2012 Girls Soccer Champions!

DSC_0458.JPG DSC_0462.JPG DSC_0465.JPG DSC_0467.JPG DSC_0468.JPG DSC_0479.JPG DSC_0490.JPG DSC_0497.JPG DSC_0504.JPG DSC_0508.JPG DSC_0511.JPG DSC_0517.JPG DSC_0530.JPG DSC_0558.JPG DSC_0570.JPG DSC_0579.JPG GirlsChampsF12.JPG

Girls Soccer - Elkhorn v. Riverbank

elk battle 2.JPG elk battle 3.JPG elk battle 4.JPG elk battle.JPG elk coach b.JPG elk goal.JPG elk mia.JPG elk on dee.JPG sixthgreadev.elkhorn1.JPG

Boys Soccer - Riverbank v. Elkhorn

james2v.elkhorn1.JPG jamesv.elkhorn1.JPG jerry2v.elkhorn1.JPG roberto2v.elkhorn1.JPG robertov.elkhorn1.JPG saggyv.elkhorn1.JPG

Boys Soccer - Westmore Oaks v. Elkhorn

DSC_0019.JPG DSC_0021.JPG DSC_0031.JPG DSC_0032.JPG DSC_0033.JPG DSC_0038.JPG DSC_0039.JPG

Girls Soccer - Elkhorn v. Westmore Oaks

DSC_0002.JPG DSC_0004.JPG DSC_0006.JPG DSC_0007.JPG DSC_0010.JPG

Girls Soccer - Elkhorn v. Stonegate

DSC_0008.JPG DSC_0014.JPG DSC_0017.JPG DSC_0021.JPG DSC_0022.JPG DSC_0036.JPG DSC_0041.JPG DSC_0054.JPG DSC_0060.JPG DSC_0062.JPG DSC_0063.JPG DSC_0067.JPG DSC_0070.JPG DSC_0072.JPG

Spring 2012 Boys Soccer Champs!

Penalty kicks Hoisting the trophy Coach Baggs handing out medals Team capitan being awarded YEEAHH!!! 2012 Boys Soccer Champs! 2012 Boys Soccer Champs!

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