Elkhorn Village School

About Elkhorn

School Vision

Elkhorn students will be college and career ready through the development of leadership, integrity, and 21st century skills.

School History

Since 1954, Elkhorn Village has served students as an elementary school with grades Kindergarten through 6th. The 2008-09 school year marked the transition to serving students Kindergarten through 7th grade. In 2009-10 Elkhorn became a full K-8 school serving approximately 600 students.

For more information on our 6-8 middle grades program please visit our 6th-8th grade page.

Our school has undergone a series of administrative changes over the last four years. Mrs. Cynthia Thompson retired in 2008 after many years of outstanding service to Elkhorn and its community. Ms. Carmelita Goldsby led our school in 2008-09. From 2009-2011, our school was led by Mr. Ryan Gonzales. The 2011-2012 school year saw Mr. Tony Gross interimly lead our school; in November 2011 Elkhorn welcomed Mrs. Lisa Smith as principal. We are proud and excited to have such a dedicated and caring administrator!

In 2009-10, Elkhorn welcomed one of its own and proudly added Mrs. Shirley Ramírez as our Assistant Principal. Way to go Mrs. Ramírez! 


Mission Statement

Elkhorn Village, in partnership with its families and community, maintains high standards for staff and students by implementing engaging instruction, supporting all students, providing inquiry-based learning, and STEAM* activities for all.


*Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics