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8th Grade Promotion

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Washington Unified School District
Elkhorn Village School
8th Grade Promotion Board Policy
  • Must have at least a 2.0 GPA
  • No F’s in any class
  • Students with IEP’s may be required to meet differential standards
  • Any Suspensions
  • 3 or more Office Referrals
  • 2 or more Saturday Schools
  • Must attend 95% of all school days
  • All absences excused, unexcused, including illness, incomplete independent study contracts, and suspension count toward calculation of this attendance rate
  • 10 or more tardies for the year (all periods count)
  • All students denied participation in promotion exercises/end of the year activities due to a violation of the board policy’s expectations for promotion, shall be given a written notice stating the grounds for the denial. If a student is denied participation in the promotion ceremony, that student is not allowed to attend the promotion ceremony. They are expected to be in class that day, for it falls on a regular school day.
  • Those students will be given the opportunity to appeal the denial.
  • A panel of teachers along with site administrators will decide whether to overturn the denial and let it stand. Conditions may be given in some cases.

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For more information please contact Mrs. Ramirez or Mrs. Smith.