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Dual Immersion

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Dual Immersion offers a fantastic opportunity to students in West Sacramento. The program provides students with a complete academic program grounded in an educational environment that supports community action and celebrates cultural diversity. Students become orally fluent and academically proficient in Spanish and English. They acquire key language skills naturally and early in life, which enriches their cognitive ability in all subjects. Literacy in two languages broadens their academic, occupational, and economic opportunities.

The program began in 2015-16 with two classes in Kinder and has grown each year. The program will be offered through 8th grade. By the time these students reach middle school grades, they will be offered Sciences and/or Social Sciences in Spanish.

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Elkhorn Village es una escuela de comunidad que ofrece dos programas educativos para estudiantes de Kindergarten a octavo grado. Los programas educativos son el Tradicional en inglés y el de Inmersión Dual

Nuestro programa de Inmersión Dual sigue el modelo que ofrece la mayor cantidad de instrucción en español en Kindergarten y aumentando la cantidad de instrucción en inglés en los grados que siguen.  La cantidad de ingles sigue aumentando hasta llegar a un 50% en los dos idiomas en el quinto grado.

Kindergarten    90% espanol 10% ingles
1er grado         90% espanol 10% ingles
2o  grado         80% espanol 20% ingles
3er grado         70% espanol 30% ingles
4o  grado          60% espanol 40% ingles
5o  grado          50% espanol 50% ingles
6o - 8o grado    50% espanol 50% ingles

El currículo de Inmersión Dual incluye todas las áreas académicas en coordinación con las normas y expectativas del districto, estado y federales.  Los estudiantes disfrutaran los programas excepcionales que ofrece Elkhorn ademas del programa de Project Based Learning que se esta desarrollando en Elkhorn.


Elkhorn Village is a Kindergarten - Eighth grade neighborhood school that offers two language programs: Traditional English Program and a Dual Immersion Program.


Our Dual Immersion Program follows an immersion model in which students begin their education with most instruction occurring in Spanish in Kindergarten and a number of English increases incrementally after 1st grade until a 50/50 balance of Spanish/English is reached by 5th grade.

Kindergarten      90% Spanish 10% English
1st Grade           90% Spanish 10% English
2nd Grade          80% Spanish 20% English
3rd Grade           70% Spanish 30% English
4th Grade            60% Spanish 40% English
5th Grade            50% Spanish 50% English
6th - 8th Grades  50% Spanish 50% English

Dual Immersion curriculum includes all subjects consistent with the district, state, and federal requirements. Students enjoy exceptional programs, which will include Elkhorn’s developing focus on Project Based Learning.