Elkhorn Village School

6th-8th Grade

6th-8th Grade School Supplies

As you go Back-to-School shopping we recommend you take this list of suggested school supplies with you. Teachers will be doing binder checks to make sure students are ready and organized for class by having their supplies. Get your supplies while the deals are good!


Baggs, David English 7
Chapman, Christy English 6
Romero, Marisela English 8

English Language Development

Avelar, Veronica ELD Specialist
Tran, Stacey ELD Specialist


Moran, Brian History 6/8
Schrader, Marci History 7/8

Physical Education

Erickson, Betsy Physical Education 6/8


Merris-Coots, Devin Resource Specialist
Turnbow, Jocelyn Resource Specialist